Specialized Facials

Specialized Facials

Facial treatments and services date back well into ancient days, fortunately, its has evolved as we have.  The services offered and created by Jane, offer a variety of specialized facial treatments which uniquely include knowledge of the ages but also combine todays technology.

Our skin reacts differently from season to season, age to age.  Your skin will be taken on a wonderful journey to recovery and regain its youthful vibrant healty appearance!


                     Specialized Facial Treatments

                Ladies Facials: $95-$110    Mens Facial: $90


 Acne Treatment

This bacterial fighting facial is effective for those annoying breakouts as well as being gentle and healing.  Includes an anti-inflammatory mask and violet, red or blue light treatment in addition to the deep pore cleansing. 

 Sensitive Skin Treatment

Relieves the most stressed of complexions.  This wonderfully calming facial combines a mild pumpkin enzyme and a soothing mask treatment. Treatment includes LED blue light therapy.


 Hyperpigmentation and Scarring Treatment

Bring the light back into your skin with this fantastic facial.  The Vitamin C and Brightening Polish have powerful enzyme and lightening agents that will instantly brighten your complexion. Treatment includes LED yellow/green light therapy.


 Hydrating and Nourishing Treatment

Restore the vitality and youthful suppleness of your skin.  This treatment deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin with Syn®-Ake, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.  Truly a fountain of youth facial treatment.  Treatment includes Ultra Sound and LED red light therapy.




                           Exfoliating Treatments

                                                                                  Derma Exfoliation

                                                                             Face only                    $110

                                                                      Face, Neck & Chest          $135

                                                                              Chemical Exfoliants

                                                                  Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic or Modified Jessner

                                                                             Face only                    $135

                                                                     Face, Neck and Chest        $165

     Discount offered when a series of 3,4 or 6 treatments are pre-purchased!